DUST: Communicating Indeterminacy 
Making and Doing Exhibit : 4S Conference | New Orleans, 4-7 Sep. 2019
Recieved the Making and Doing Award.

Abstract: How and why do we model and control dust? In its various entanglements, dust, as both a scientific and non-scientific diffuse object is material and discursive but evades measure. It is variously governed through metaphor, myth, story and model. Through this exhibit, I present two things: 1. A suite of scientific and non-scientific epistemic objects and the practices that they convene through which we have made sense of dust  2. A method of setting up research questions through the medium of a (scholarly) picture book. The picture book follows a little boy and his companion vacuum cleaner who ask questions of dust. This narrative of imagined engagements rooted in specific experiences brings together voices from interdisciplinary networks of actors to whom dust has come to matter. Working together, these two strands lay out the stakes of unequal knowledge regimes when grappling with indeterminacy via dust.


Photos from the installation at the Making and Doing session at 4S 2019.